Blowers - Rotary, Screw & Turbo Air Compressors Supplied and Distributed in the North East of England through Active Air Solutions

HPC KAESER Blowers - The ultimate quiet powerhouses

Low-maintenance HPC KAESER blowers deliver pressurised air quietly and efficiently for a wide range of applications:

  • for pneumatic conveying of bulk materials
  • in water management – for example biological treatment and filter flushing
  • for the production of blowing and cooling air for industrial purposes
  • in mobile applications – for example animal feed mixing, tanker discharge, suction vehicles and airport runway cleaners
  • in hazardous environments (ATEX Certified range available)

HPC KAESER provide three different concepts to meet application demand and requirements:

  • Rotary Blowers with efficient, three-lobe OMEGA profile rotors and a casing designed to minimise pulsation effects

  • Screw Blowers with the energy-saving SIGMA profile rotors – designed by HPC KAESER for optimal power reduction and performance

  • Turbo Blowers with the energy-saving turbo impeller and Wear-free MAGNETIC BEARINGS – designed by HPC KAESER for optimal power reduction and performance

  • ATEX Certified Blowers - a specialist range of ATEX Certified blowers with OMEGA profile rotors suitable for hazardous environments

At a glance

"We were confident that that the blowers would provide the reliability for our conveying requirements and we are not disappointed. They provide trouble free operation, are easy to maintain and operate at very low noise levels"