HPC is part of a global operation through its long established and extremely successful partnership with KAESER Kompressoren SE.

HPC Compressed Air Systems and KAESER's partnership has spanned four decades and two generations of family involvement. The partnership stands for mutual trust, a shared belief in world-class manufacturing technologies and a commitment to applying this partnership approach to our customer relationships.

The special partnership with KAESER is at the heart of HPC’s business. HPC Precision Engineering is trusted to supply KAESER with high precision air-end components and HPC Compressed Air Systems has supplied KAESER compressors, equipment, services and technology to the UK’s most respected manufacturing companies. 



HPC has solely represented the comprehensive KAESER range of quality, energy efficient air compressors and compressed air equipment in the UK for almost 40 years.

KAESER Kompressoren is one of the world's foremost compressor manufacturers and has been providing compressed air system solutions since 1919. KAESER currently employs approximately 5700 people throughout the world with production centres in Coburg and Gera (Germany). 

The KAESER global manufacturing headquarters in Coburg, Germany (seen above) currently employs over 1900 people and the facility covers an area of over 150,000 m².

HPC KAESER's extensive range of premium products include screw compressors (static and mobile), air management system and controllers, reciprocating compressors, rotary blowers and air treatment solutions. HPC KAESER's advanced integration of modern IT technology increases compressed air system efficiency, which provides benefits for users and the environment.

KAESER ranks amongst the world’s largest and most successful compressor manufacturers with branch offices and exclusive sales partners in over 100 countries, exporting compressed air system equipment to almost every corner of the planet.